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Recorded & Mixed Summer of 2016 at Doug's house.

Mastered by Mike Walls (audioesoterica.com)


released October 17, 2016

Doug Bartholomew - bass/vocals
Myke Boss - guitar/vocals
Colin Campbell - drums



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SWEETHEARTS Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Cuts To The Bone
This skin shows it's worse for wear
These lines imprint with fear
Save the swan songs for the road
I'm doing this on my own

Lend me nothing

This skin shows the life
This fear cuts to the bone
We won't make it out alive
But they'll love to watch us walk away
Track Name: Spirit Drained
Spend days picking through these bones
The endless complexity of graves,
and buried absences of thought
There's no hope here
None can escape what waits

Shut the door and say goodnight
Clouds fall to the ground
This is an era of low light
So please kiss my cheek because this could be the end.

We all are moving toward
the endless complexity of absent thought.
Track Name: Let's Hold Hands By The Waterfront
Down these streets
Dancing with ghosts

The sun never sets here now
It just goes down
And in the darkness
They fear this part of town

Soldiers in daddy's clothes
Keystone cops in jagged rows
This place swallows itself
The sun just goes down
Track Name: Eyeless
We will never learn
Until we scratch, and bleed, and burn

Out of focus
Torn and broken
All alone in this dried up ocean

We're just earthworms navigating through the dirt
We've got no eyes, we've got no eyes

A life spent breathing through our skin,
eating the waste of what's been given
Track Name: Depraved Heart
Black out the lights to finally see
This sample is alive with disease

Armed with rocks and broken glass
Cut it out with paid leave

We've lost our netting
This war is unending
And the light hurts my eyes
Track Name: It's Not A Party If We're All Dead
Life's just a party, so cut loose
Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts

Your blood becomes my blood

Together, we crumble
Moving targets begin to fold

Invisible we see them but see right through
As we drive our lives never intertwined
Debris in the street
Just useless meat
And I hate myself for thinking this
Scenes of so many
Surviving just barely
Take your signs to the grave.